How To Make Kites with Newspapers

The opportunity to fly a kite at the beach has always been a top priority in our childhood dreams. Whoever imagined that coming up with a kite of your design with sticks and newspaper was ever possible? Making a paper kite for your child to see them have fun flying it into the sky while playing with joy gives you a sense of joy and happiness.

In case you have been wondering where to begin and how to build one, it is no challenging task at all. The process is straightforward and worth the time. Here are some of the steps to follow if you wish to come up with one.

 Materials to use

 • A full page of an old newspaper.

 • Two-piece ¼ inch round dowels (preferably bamboo)

 • The dowels should measure 24 inches and 20 inches, respectively

 • String

 • Scissors

 • Pencil

 • Masking tape (packing tape)

 • Ruler (yardstick)

 • Ribbons or a yarn

 • Handsaw (small in size)

Step 1: Have your bamboo sticks in place. One should be long enough to cover the length of the newspaper. The second one should be more elastic and long enough to cover the newspaper’s whole width area.

Step 2: Slash the bamboo using the handsaw to fit into the length of your piece of paper. Do the same to the other part of bamboo, but this time place the wood at the paper’s width. 

 You can then tie the two pieces of wood using some of the string. The two sticks should form a “T” shape when connected.

Step 3: Make small cuts at both ends of the bamboo sticks using a knife. (The string will smoothly pass through the slot.) (It would be best if you did this with much care as it is one of the most challenging parts of making the toy.) at this point, put one end of the strings at the shorter, more elastic bamboo, then wrap it nicely at the end of the stick. Finally, knot the string, so it has a firm grip. At this point, pull the yarn tightly over the stick leading to a slight bend. Cut off the string after a careful bind to the bamboo.

On the opposite side of the bamboo, put the string between the slot and then bind it to become robust. At this point, wrap the yarn across the other ends of the wood and repeat the tying.

Step 4: Place the frame over the newspaper. Use the glue to cover the ends of your newspaper on top of the string.

Step 5: Tear an old piece of paper into long thin slices, then attach them at the far end of the bamboo to act as the tail to the kite. You almost there!

At this point, you can add the string to your kite to allow it to fly. Flip it over to avoid the notice of the attached bamboo sticks. Make two holes on the paper for threading the string to the bamboo; you will also need to put some clear tape on the kite to make it stronger and avoiding tears.

Step 6: The final phase of this process is picking a good and windy day. Let your paper kites fly high at a picnic site of your choice.

Guide for successful results

• Make your kite extensive and outstanding by using the most significant piece of paper you can get.

• Make the shape of your kite be more of a diamond and less of a square.

• Always have an extra pair of fabric tails for your kite. Most kites tend to have bent flights caused by the use of a single tail. You can always add an extra tail to the kite side or make it longer for stability.

• Come with more materials just in case your kid destroys the newspaper while you are having fun.


Kites can only be used once. The same applies to the ones bought at the stores. Children can use the science used to make a simple kite to have fun and learn about school subjects such as physics and weather. It would help if you always allowed yourself to teach kids how to use their free time to create something more fun, for instance, the kites.